Join us as we celebrate the knowledge and expertise of BIPOC women in nutrition and dietetics.

This inaugural panel discussion was held to explore the need for a greater appreciation for diverse cultures and food in nutrition and dietetics, and the importance of dismantling systems of oppression in the dietetics profession. 

In this conversation panelists, Michelle Jaelin, Kim Rose, Joby Quiambao, Idil Farah, and Rosie Mensah  bring awareness to the lack of conversation around this cultural humility in dietetics while highlighting the intersections between cultural competency, diversity, and anti-racism in nutrition and dietetics. 

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“"I was reminded that it is my responsibility to recognize my own limits in cultural competent care, continue to seek to make space for difference in worldviews and food culture. It was also helpful in really understanding the difference in cultural appreciation versus appropriation!"”


“"This was a fantastic event. I am glad and grateful to have been a part of it. We need more such events to create space for BIPOC folks to share stories and experiences and facilitate learning/unlearning. Thanks for all the panelists."”


“"Thank you for putting together this panel and for all the thoughtful questions asked. Greatly appreciated how honest the discussion was and I'm grateful to be part of a profession full of people genuinely wanting to help one another learn and grow."”


“"Everyone seemed truly responsive and there to share/increase understanding; it was a VERY positive and open feel. Thank you."”


“"This was fantastic! Such a powerful and inspiring conversation! Thank you so much for hosting!"”


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    • Part One: Fostering Cultural Appreciation in Nutrition in Dietetics Panel

    • Part Two: Fostering Cultural Appreciation in Nutrition and Dietetics

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