Culture, Equity, Diversity and Race in Dietetics (CEDAR)

A 4 part online course with Rosie Mensah, MPH, RD

You are committed to advancing health equity, and ensuring that all people have access to food and good health. 

You want to make your practice more inclusive, anti-oppressive, and equitable. 

You are committed to advancing the dietetic profession and while advocating for systems change in the food, health, and wellness industries. 

This work matters. 

Culture, Equity, Diversity, and Race in Dietetics (CEDAR), is the first of its kind. CEDAR is a 4-week live course that focuses on anti-oppression and cultural competency for nutrition professionals. Students will learn how to show up better, advance health equity, and learn ways we can collectively diversify dietetics. This is an action-oriented course where students are provided with real solutions, that they can apply to their professional and personal lives, to truly embody and work towards anti-racism. Dietitians are uniquely positioned to play an important role within both the food and healthcare systems, and it is imperative that we do the work to dismantle systems of oppression. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to CEDAR for nutrition professionals

    • CEDAR Course Ground Rules

    • CEDAR Course Outline (working document)

  • 2

    CEDAR Week #1: The Foundation

    • CEDAR Week 1: Pre-work

    • Microaggressions in Dietetics - Diversity Dietetics

    • Recording from Week 1 Live Group Session

    • Week #1: Homework

    • Canadian Race Relations Foundation Glossary of Terms

    • Populations and the Power of Language - NCCDH

    • Racial Equity Tools : Definitions of Racism

    • Key Public Health Resources for Anti-Racism Action - NCCDH

    • Black Lives Matter: A Commentary on Racism and Public Health

  • 3

    Week #2: Self Awareness, Cultural Competency, and Diversity

    • Week #2: Pre-Work

    • Recording from Week 2 Live Group Session

    • Week #2 Homework

  • 4

    Week #3: Health Disparities, Health Equity, and Food Justice

    • Week #3: Readings

    • Recording from Week 3 Live Group Session

  • 5

    Week #4: Moving Towards Equitable and Inclusive Practice

    • Week 4 Live Session Recording

    • Week #4 Readings

Instructor: Rosie Mensah, MPH RD

Rosie Mensah

Rosie Mensah is a Toronto-based Registered Dietitian. Rosie is the voice behind the brand “The Rosie Nutritionist”, which is a wellness company that encourages people to build a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food. Rosie works alongside many organizations that advocate for food justice and health equity, and is on the Board of Directors of FoodShare and a member of the Black Creek Food Justice Network. Most recently, Rosie co-founded Dietitians for Food Justice, and developed an anti-oppression course for dietitians. Rosie has years of experience working with ethnically and racially diverse groups and been part of the movement to advance health equity and diversify dietetics. Additionally, academically Rosie has thoroughly explored topics including dietary acculturation and immigrant nutritional health, diversity in dietetics, and food insecurity.

As seen in

By the end of this course...

(what you will gain and what you will learn)

  • The why behind health inequities/disparities, and the lack of ethno-racial diversity within the profession.

  • How to honor diverse foods and ways of knowing

  • Critical thinking skills that can allow you to anazlyze and interpret information from a critical lens

  • How to hold yourself accountable, how to hold the dietetic community accountable

  • You will learn strategies on how to advocate for and work towards a more inclusive and equitable food and healthcare system

  • You'll gain a supportive community of like minded nutrition professionals committed to change and advancing health equity and the dietetics profession as a whole.

  • A renewed appreciation and understanding for the intersections between health and food

  • A supportive community of like minded nutrition professionals committed to change and advancing health equity and the dietetics profession as a whole.

  • You will learn how to provide more culturally appropriate and culturally safe nutrition care to improve patient health outcomes

Testimonials from past students of CEDAR webinars

We learned things we can do right now.

"I enjoyed how we learned not only about the issue but what programs & strategies we can implement to combat the issue as future professionals."

I felt inspired and determined to play my part.

"It has inspired me to continue learning and building cultural sensitivity as well as finding my own voice to advocate for health equity as a registered dietitian."

Forward thinking perspective.

"Rosie, is a pleasure to talk to, and her insights on our profession are so informative."


  • When does this start and end?​

    The course will begin the week of October 4th. The start date will be decided by October 2nd. Stay tuned! Those who are unable to make any of the live sessions will have access to the recording within 24hrs. Students will have lifetime access to this course, along with all new updates and resources.

  • Are there any prerequisites for participating? ​

    The prerequisite for the course is an open-mind and willingness to grow!

  • How long is this course?

    The course will be held on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday for 4 consecutive weeks. Additionally, for those who are unable to make the sessions live, the recording will be available within 24hrs. There is also a facebook group that can be accessed at any time. Each session will be 1-1.5 hours long and there will be homework and some pre-readings for some of the sessions. The sessions will be interactive, and a time for critical reflection. This is the first time I am running the course, therefore, there will be some flexibility based on students needs.

  • Do I need to attend all the live sessions?

    No! All lessons will be recorded and uploaded within 24hrs. Students are able to watch the recordings at their own time. You will also have access to a private facebook group for ongoing support.

  • I am not a dietitian. Can I still participate? ​

    Yes! The focus of this course will be in the dietetic field. However, other industry such as holistic nutrition and those who work in food and health can benefit from the information provided in the course.

  • Is this priced in USD?​

    Yes, all prices are in USD. There are two payment options to help make this course more accessible to you.

  • Are there discounts available for students or interns?​

    Currently there is no discount for students or interns. Participants will have lifetime access to the course and will be able to use the information provided in their careers as dietitians.

  • Are refunds available? ​

    Due to the online nature of this course, there are no refunds available for this course once it has started.

  • Are there any continuing education credits available for these sessions?​

    Continuing education credits are pending for the course.